Tai-Sapo Forest Complex

18th Nov 2014 Protected Area

The Tai-Sapo Forest Complex, shared by Cote d’Ivoire and Liberia,  represents the largest contiguous bloc of tropical rainforest within the Upper Guinean Forest Ecosystem, provides habitat for more than a quarter of Africa’s mammals including 12 species of primates, the dwindling West African chimpanzee and rare endemic species such as pygmee hippo and forest elephant. In Cote d’Ivoire, it consists of Taï National Park and three adjacent classified forests (Cavally, Goin-Débé, Haute-Dodo). In Liberia, it consists of Sapo National Park, Grebo National Forest (>900 km² of which is been proposed to be transformed into a national park) and several large forest concessions in Liberia.

GRASP and partners kickstarted a transboundary initiative in 2009 with the aim to establish a platform for transboundary collaboration and to establish national and transboundary corridors. A first transboundary stakeholder meeting was held in October 2009 in Abidjan where stakeholders agreed on the aim of the initiative, the process, and started initial work on legislation, economic incentives to conserve potential corridors, land-use planning and corridor establishment, and conflict prevention/resolution. Following a number of scoping missions and technical studies, the steering committee met for the first time in March 2013, elaborated on the vision, re-fined the ToRs for the steering committee, and developed an emergency plan, which will be implemented in parallel to the development of a long term strategic plan for the management of this transboundary landscape.