Apes Seizure Database Reveals True Extent of Illegal Trade

Apes Seizure Database Reveals True Extent of Illegal Trade

Over 1,800 great apes were seized from an illicit live traffic that went undetected for over a decade but is now confirmed through the Apes Seizure Database that was launched at the 17th Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES) Conference of the Parties on 29 September in Johannesburg, South Africa.

The Role of Modern Zoos in Great Ape Conservation :Webcast Episode 07

The Role of Modern Zoos in Great Ape Conservation :Webcast Episode 07

04th May 2016 Events, Featured, Home

The role of zoos has evolved to prioritize research, education, and conservation in modern times. While some groups still condemn their existence based on a reputation of entertainment and fun-fairs started in the 1800s, many zoos are working hard to change that narrative. In collaboration with scientific agencies, governments and other conservation bodies, zoos are now playing their part in the much bigger picture of the conservation of our natural world

Great Apes, Ebola and Vaccinations: Webcast Episode 06

Great Apes, Ebola and Vaccinations: Webcast Episode 06

25th Mar 2016 Announcement, Events, Featured

Past outbreaks of the Ebola virus have devastated chimpanzee and gorilla populations in Africa, and future zoonotic crises could further threaten the survival of these already endangered species. Ebola has a 95 percent mortality rate among gorillas — compared with roughly 50 percent for humans — according to the World Health Organization. Do newly developed vaccines offers hope for great apes, or are there better alternatives such as banning the consumption of bushmeat?

Global Landscapes Forum 2015: Launching the New Climate and development Agenda

Global Landscapes Forum 2015: Launching the New Climate and development Agenda

03rd Dec 2015 Events, Home

The 2015 Global Landscapes Forum is the leading platform for bringing together individuals and organizations that have an impact on land use. The event is expected to be the largest meeting on the sidelines of the UNFCCC COP21.

Industrial agriculture, ape conservation and climate change: More than a business case for reducing deforestation

Hosts:  United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), UNEP Finance Initiative (UNEP-FI), Arcus Foundation

Day 1 – Saturday, 5 December    17.15 - 18.45    Room: Amphitheater Bleu


The recent rush towards sustainable palm oil and commitments to zero-deforestation by major corporations may be driven by public pressure and political expediency – but what are the realities of transforming the industry that produces one of the world’s most commonly used ingredients? Certified sustainable palm oil currently accounts for 20 percent of the global production, but half of that certified sustainable palm oil goes unsold, raising questions as to the market demand.

Meanwhile, land-use plans and industrial agricultural conversion continues to level rainforests across Southeast Asia and increasingly across Equatorial Africa at record rates, threatening great apes and the ecosystems in which they survive. Major palm oil producers have responded by committing to zero-deforestation policies as a means of addressing consumer demands and engaging more fully with the Sustainable Development Goals, but how many actually understand the cost – both financially and logistically – of doing so, particularly when supply chains are so difficult to monitor?

Experts will address the trajectory of industrial agriculture around the globe, with emphasis on Asia, where cultivation rates fuel all aspects of this industry, and in Africa, where cultivation rates have been relatively low but are predicted to increase dramatically in the foreseeable future.

Key questions addressed

  1. How can the growing demand for commodities, which will require increased production, be reconciled with environmental considerations that include biodiversity conservation and climate change?
  2. Can an entire industry re-invent itself in time to prevent more damage to the environment – and still meet market demand?
  3. What are the options to sustainably increase productivity and livelihoods from smallholders?
  4. How has the expansion of industrial agriculture into the tropical forest estates of Africa and Asia impacted species such as apes and affected climate change?



Background reading

State of the Apes pilot publication: Extractive Industries and Ape Conservation

How Herakles Farms’ illegal timber trade threatens Cameroon’s forests and VPA.

The Future of the Bornean Orangutan: Impacts of change in land cover and climate.

Will Oil Palm’s homecoming spell doom for Africa’s Great Apes? 

Union of Concerned Scientists (2014) Donuts, Deodorant and Deforestation: Scoring

America’s Top Brands on Their Palm Oil Commitments.


Indonesia Fire Haze Crisis: Webcast Episode 04

Indonesia Fire Haze Crisis: Webcast Episode 04

01st Dec 2015 Events, Media

Indonesia is one of the most richly biodiverse places on the planet, with countless species and others that have yet to be discovered. But fires that were set in June to clear land for agricultural development – which were whipped far beyond control by the El Nino meteorological conditions – turned an annual environmental concern into a global crisis. Nearly 120,000 fires have been counted so far, and the resulting haze spread across Southeast Asia. An estimated one-third of the remaining wild orangutans on Borneo were threatened by the fires, which destroyed 2 million hectares of forest land.

The Future of the Bornean Orangutan: Webcast Episode 02

The Future of the Bornean Orangutan: Webcast Episode 02

31st Aug 2015 Events, Media

Join us for a Google+ Hangout with the lead authors of the Borneo Report, Dr. Serge Wich and Dr. Johannes Refisch on the 3rd of September at 08:00-09:00 GMT. Joining the authors will be GRASP coordinator Doug Cress and Malaysian University graduate students.

Hangout with Jane Goodall

Hangout with Jane Goodall

10th Jul 2015 Events, Media

GRASP HANGOUT -Ask The Ape Expert: DR. Jane Goodall

Join us for a Google+ Hangout with Dr Jane Goodall  on the 15th of July at 13:00-14:00 GMT. Joining  Dr. Goodall will be renowned journalist Asha Tanna, GRASP coordinator Doug Cress and Nairobi University graduate students.

We’ll be discussing with Jane about her 55 years in conservation and her experience as a primatologist. The public will be welcome to participate by watching, asking questions, seeking  advice as well as joining the discussion live during the hangout.

Have a question for  Jane?

Where Can I Ask Jane Questions?
  • You can  ask questions on our Facebook page here www.facebook.com/graspunep
  • You can also leave your question on the comment section below

Event Details

Event Name: GRASP HANGOUT -Ask The Ape Expert: Jane Goodall featuring Asha Tanna

Event Date: 15/7/2015

Event Time: 13:00 – 14:00  GMT

Location:United Nation Environmental Program  (UNEP) Headquarters ,Nairobi Kenya

Guests: Dr. Jane Goodall, Asha Tanna , Doug Cress and Nairobi University graduate Students.

Moderator: Asha Tanna

Topic:  55 years of Ape Conservation

Event Hashtags: #ApeExpert #GRASPHANGOUT #JANEHANGOUT #AskJane


Who can join a Google Hangout?

  • Anyone can watch this Hangout!

How do I watch this Hangout?

  • We will be broadcasting live on this page
  • Go to our Youtube Chanel here https://youtu.be/l5f_7qG5S7c
  • Come back to THIS page on the hangout day for a live video stream on the hangout
  • Can’t make it to the LIVE chat? No worries, come back to this page to watch the archived video.

What is a Google Hangout?

  • It’s simply a video chat


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