Indonesia Fire Haze Crisis: Webcast Episode 04

01st Dec 2015 Events, Media

Event Name: GRASP Webcast 04 – The Experts Speak : Indonesia Fire Haze Crisis

Event Date: 02/12/2015


Event Time: 08:00 – 09:00  GMT/UTC (11-12am Nairobi Time)

Location: UNEP Gigiri

Webcast Producer : Michael Omare

Events Goal & GRASP’s Mission:

The GRASP Webcast goal is to extend the partnership’s media outreach through the use of new technologies. GRASP wants to engage a wider audience by giving it a chance to interact with various ape experts around the world. The audience will have an opportunity to ask questions, seek advice and learn from experts regardless where they are located. This will be achieved by using google hangouts, YouTube and other social media platforms.

Moderator: Doug Cress

Guests: Erik Meijaard (People and Nature Consulting, Indonesia), Jamie Webbe (UN-REDD, Kenya) , Panut Hadisiswoyo (Orangutan Information Centre, Indonesia), Haji Kler (Hutan, Malaysia)

Topic: The Indonesia Fire Haze Crisis

Indonesia is one of the most richly biodiverse places on the planet, with countless species and others that have yet to be discovered. But fires that were set in June to clear land for agricultural development – which were whipped far beyond control by the El Nino meteorological conditions – turned an annual environmental concern into a global crisis. Nearly 120,000 fires have been counted so far, and the resulting haze spread across Southeast Asia. An estimated one-third of the remaining wild orangutans on Borneo were threatened by the fires, which destroyed 2 million hectares of forest land.

The resulting devastation will likely cost the Government of Indonesia an estimated $30 billion USD.

This GRASP Webcast will review the environmental fallout from the fires and haze, discuss the impact on orangutans and their habitat, and explore options for preventing future fires.

Event Hashtags: #ExpertSpeak #GRASPHANGOUT  #AskGRASP


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