GRASP Collaborates with Chocolatier for Valentine’s Day to Promote Sustainable Consumption

11th Feb 2016 Announcement, Home

NUUBIA SAN FRANCISCO is an artisanal chocolatier making fine confections that are hand-crafted from sustainably and humanely sourced ingredients. Apart from being fine chocolatiers, NUUBIA SAN FRANCISCO are passionate conservationists with a drive for environmental preservation.

They do not use unsustainable palm oil in any of their products and have earned the right to be labelled as “Orangutan Safe” and “Cruelty-Free,” demonstrating the possibility of producing fine confections that do not compromise the viability of forest ecosystems and wildlife species.

Palm oil is the most widely consumed vegetable oil globally and is found in approximately 50% of consumer products including chocolate among others.  It is estimated this year that the U.S alone will spend $18 billion on chocolate and gifts for Valentine’s Day. There are significant concerns regarding the unsustainable production of palm oil due to the associated negative environmental impacts, particularly the large-scale destruction of tropical forest ecosystems and the great ape populations that reside within them. An estimated 80% of orangutan forest habitat in Indonesia and Malaysia has been lost in the past 20 years alone, in large part due to palm oil production.

This Valentine’s Day, treat your loved ones to a selection of beautiful, wildlife- friendly, hand- crafted NUUBIA SF chocolate treats. Visit

NUUBIA SF has kindly offered to donate 100% of its profits to GRASP partners for every purchase through March 2016 in aid of great ape conservation. This offer is applicable to customers who mention “APE” in- store and to customers who write “APE” in the coupon box for online orders.


Share the love and make a difference for great apes this Valentine’s Day! Visit


Share the love and make a difference for great apes this Valentine’s Day! Visit