Great ape awareness goes viral Photo by Md. Towhidul Islam

Wildeverse is a newly launched flagship mobile game designed to bring the forest and wildlife right into one’s own backyard. The Internet of Elephants, a collaborative social enterprise working towards a stronger connection between people and wild animals, partnered with the Borneo Nature Foundation and the Goualougo Triangle Ape Project to design this creative app. The aim is to bring a broad international audience closer to endangered animals and the organizations that promote their conservation. The fun, interactive and educational game is centered around real-life primates living in the wild, including Fio the Bornean orangutan, Buka the western lowland gorilla and Aida the chimpanzee. This modern-day cast is accompanied by three active scientific researchers who study these animals: Espoir, Amyra and Eka. Wildeverse launches the user into a lively augmented reality where one can virtually experience forest wildlife in the palm of one’s hand.

Our GRASP intern, Alex, played the game and thoroughly enjoyed the experience of accessing similar scientific methods as the ones used in the field to monitor, study and eventually conserve the world’s ape populations. Upon starting the game, Alex was prompted to find both Fio the orangutan and the fruits that consist of her diet. Upon locating and collecting the fruit, Alex was educated on the importance of studying orangutans’ diet, behavior and health for their survival. Throughout the interactive journey, Alex was exposed to the diverse worlds of the featured primates and experienced himself the importance of wildlife research and education as first steps to conservation action.

“We want to make wildlife a positive, exciting topic of daily conversation for millions of people currently unconnected to conservation… People’s attention matters so much more than they think.” – Gautam Shah, Internet of Elephants Founder.

By creating virtual experiences and explorative learning opportunities, the Wildeverse game complements GRASP’s work of mainstreaming great ape conservation and opening spaces for wildlife-focused dialogues. Alex hopes that the virtual engagement with nature enabled by the app will enhance the public awareness of the increasing vulnerability of great apes.

If you would like to play Wildeverse, you can access this game via the links below: