Luxembourg pledges €9 million to Photo by Md. Towhidul Islam help save mountain species

The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg has committed 9 million Euros to support UN Environment’s work to preserve endangered mountain species against the threats of climate change. The “Climate resilient mountain ecosystems for resilient livelihoods and mountain flagship species” project will specifically target the mountain gorilla, the snow leopard and the Bengal tiger.

Global warming is expected to impose serious negative impacts on mountain ecosystems, also affecting wildlife through habitat change and increased competition over scarce resources with human communities. This project seeks to find ecosystem-based adaptation measures to be adopted by local communities to safeguard important ecosystem services and sustainable livelihoods as well as reduce pressure on wildlife.

“As climate change intensifies, icons of nature are being pushed to the brink. Yet ecosystem-based solutions can help preserve wildlife and the livelihoods of communities, and Luxembourg’s amazing support will help drive this forward,” said UN Environment Executive Director Erik Solheim.

The GRASP Secretariat will be managing the mountain gorilla component of the project in Rwanda and Uganda. Despite the recent encouraging news on increased mountain gorilla numbers, it still remains a critically endangered species. This project aims to understand gorillas’ vulnerability to climate change and promote alternative land-use practices, among others, that can facilitate a symbiotic co-existence between these majestic animals and the local communities living in proximity.

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